Alternate Directors' Responsibilities

In general terms, the role of alternate directors is as follows:

  1. to assist zone directors to organize activities;
  2. to represent MROO within the zone
  3. to attend Board meetings at the request of the director when the director is unable to attend.

These roles recognize the following:

  1. that each zone covers a large geographic area;
  2. that OMERS pensions have very diverse backgrounds in terms of former employers, NRA-60/NRA-65, etc.;
  3. that the amount of outreach and activity that a director can undertake within the zone is limited;
  4. that the Board wishes to have a voice from each zone for Board deliberations.

The Constitution outlines the duties of Alternate Directors as follows:

Article 6, Subsections (3) and (4):

3. At least one Alternate representative shall be elected in each geographic zone to assist and act as an Alternate to the Zone Director. The election of alternates and their term of office shall be as set out in the Corporation’s by-laws.
4. An Alternate representative may only attend Board meetings when the Zone Director is unable to attend and the Zone Director shall request the Alternate to attend in his/her place or on such other occasions when the Board shall request alternates to attend. The Alternate will have full privileges when taking the place of the Zone Director including voting privileges.

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