Directors' Responsibilities

Membership on the Board of Directors is an active and expanding role. It includes a minimum of 4 Board meetings per year, as well as hosting and organizing at least one membership meeting in the director's zone each year. In addition, the following excerpt from the Constitution sets out some of the responsibilities of a director:

"Zone Directors shall be available for liaison with organization members in their respective zones; to assist in any problems of maintenance and administration of the Organization in their respective areas; to promote membership in MROO among those eligible within the zone, to maintain liaison with and obtain assistance from the alternate or alternates, and to provide a medium through which the members of the Organization in their respective areas may express their ideas for improvement of the Organization and its administration."

As the three year strategic plan is developed to guide future activities, new roles for directors emerge.  For example, recruiting, orientating and supporting ambassadors has emerged as an important role.

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