Independent Living

Accessible Housing - Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation     

After reading this publication, you will understand how a ramp should be built, the materials that should be used and things to take into consideration before building a ramp on your home.

At Home with Alzheimer's Disease - Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation 

Home Adaptation Checklist - Canada Safety Council   

This checklist identifies adaptations that could help prevent accidents and enhance independence. It also gives some guidelines on how to hire a reputable contractor.

Home Adaptations for Seniors Independence Program (HASI)

This program helps homeowners and landlords pay for minor home adaptations to extend the time low-income seniors can live in their own homes independently.

Information on Assistive Devices - Health Canada    

Information for independent living and home adaptations for various physical challenges

12 Steps to Stair Safety at Home - Public Health Agency Canada    

Information and a check-list for safe stair construction and adaptation.

Home Fire Safety for Seniors - Canada Safety Council    

Fire safety is a crucial issue for seniors who choose to live in their own home. Those caring for aging loved ones who wish to remain at home need to understand the fire risks and how to deal with them. This site contains helpful information for seniors on fire prevention.

The Safe Living Guide—A Guide to Home Safety for Seniors - Public Health Agency Canada    

This guide will give you some ideas about what you can do to prevent injuries in and around your home. It looks at two main areas: your home and yourself. Practical information in the form of fact sheets and tips, as well as a resource section, complete the guide.

Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) - Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation    

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) offers financial assistance for the creation of a Secondary or Garden Suite for a low-income senior or adult with a disability — making it possible for them to live independently in their community, close to family and friends.

Veterans Independence Program - Veterans Affairs Canada    

The Veterans Independence Program (VIP) helps you remain independent and self-sufficient in your home and your community. Depending on your circumstances and health needs you may qualify for financial assistance to obtain services such as grounds maintenance; housekeeping; personal care; access to nutrition; health and support services provided by a health professional

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