Retirement Homes

Ontario Association for Non-Profit Homes and Services for Seniors    

OANHSS is a provincial, non-profit organization representing long term care facilities, seniors housing, and community agencies that provide care and services on a not-for-profit basis.
Ontario Retirement Communities Association    

The Ontario Retirement Communities Association is a voluntary, non-profit organization that accredits retirement homes in Ontario and provides information on how to choose a retirement home, retirement home standards and approved retirement homes.

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care    

In Ontario, three main types of residential settings provide both accommodation and care for seniors : Supportive Housing, Retirement Homes, and Long-Term Care Facilities. Each setting offers different types of accommodations and varying levels of service. Assess your personal situation and compare your needs with the amenities and services offered by each setting.
Care Homes from the Landlord and Tenant Board of Ontario

The Residential Tenancies Act (the Act) applies to most residential rental units, including those in care homes. Care homes are covered by most of the same rules that apply to other types of residential rental units.  However, there are some rules in the Act that apply only to care homes. This brochure provides information about the rules in the Act that only apply to care homes.

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