Health and Dental Care, Travel Insurance, etc.

Health and Dental Care, Travel Insurance, Convalescent Care, Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance - ENCON GROUP Inc.

As the program manager for MROO’s Retiree Benefits program, ENCON has been providing post-retirement benefit services to public sector retirees, including plan design, distribution and administration, for over 30 years.

MROO has identified a range of insurance products to support you and your spouse in retirement. The plans are designed to offer valuable “benefits for life” at competitive rates:

•    Health and Dental Care/Annual Travel Insurance
•    Convalescent Care
•    Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance 
•    Individual Travel Insurance for single or multiple trips

To find out more details about the program and to download brochures, visit ENCON’s MROO insurance website at

If you have any questions about coverage or wish to have a brochure mailed to you, please call ENCON’s toll free number, 1-800-363-7861, or send an email to

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