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Active Living Coalition for Older Adults    

A national partnership of organizations and individuals having interest in the field of aging. We encourage older adults to maintain and enhance their well-being and independence through a lifestyle that embraces daily physical activities.

The Active Living Coalition for Older Adults (ALCOA) envisions a society where all older Canadians are leading active lifestyles thereby contributing to their physical and overall well-being.This is a comprehensive site related to all areas of health and seniors.

Care Guide: Helping People Live at Home - Ontario Community Support Association    

The Ontario Community Support Association represents not-for-profit community agencies. Not-for-profit agencies are accountable to their clients and communities and have provided high-quality services in Ontario for more than 30 years. Services are provided by professional staff and trained volunteers also contribute to many services.

Community Care Access Centre    

In total, there are 14 CCACs in communities across Ontario that are funded by Local Health Integration Networks through the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. This means that, through your tax dollars, CCAC advice and services are covered by OHIP.

Each CCAC is staffed by caring and knowledgeable professionals who will assess your needs, determine your requirements for care, answer your questions and develop a customized care plan that meets your individual needs. Then, if services are provided to you by your CCAC, we’ll arrange for quality health-care professionals – nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, registered dietitians, occupational therapists, speech therapist and personal support workers – to provide a range of care and supportive services to help support you at home and help you enjoy the best possible quality of life.

Elder Dog Canada    

ElderDog is a national organization with a mission to provide care and companionship for older dogs whose lives have been disrupted due to illness or death of a human companion; assist and support older adults in the care and well-being of their canine companions; educate health and animal care professionals and the general public about the human-animal bond and the significant role of companion animals in the health and well-being of seniors; and honour life and loss of canine companions through commemoration.

HelpAge Canada    

A non-denominational, nonprofit international development organization dedicated exclusively to assisting elderly people living in poverty in Canada and the developing world since 1975.

Institute for Life Course and Aging    

The institute for Life Course and Aging has a mandate to carry out research into aging from a life course perspective, including population aging, and the aged in the social, psychological and health sciences.

Older Adult Centres Association of Ontario    

The Older Adult Centres Association of Ontario, which was founded in 1973, is an incorporated non-profit provincial organization and a registered charity. The OACAO is funded entirely through membership fees, business partnerships, educational training ventures, management of special projects and various revenue generation initiatives. The OACAO is a recognized leader in the development of quality services, resources and supports for our network of community based older adult centres.

Ontario Community Support Association    

The Mission of the Ontario Community Support Association is to strengthen and promote home and community support as the foundation of a sustainable health care system.

Ontario Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse    

The Ontario Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (ONPEA) is dedicated to raising awareness of elder abuse and neglect, through public education, professional training, advocacy, and service coordination. In addition to implementing Ontario's Strategy to Combat Elder Abuse, ONPEA supports a growing number of vital projects and research in elder abuse and neglect prevention.

Regional Geriatric Programs of Ontario    

Regional Geriatric Programs (RGPs) provide a comprehensive network of specialized geriatric services which assess and treat functional, medical, and psychosocial aspects of illness and disability in older adults who have multiple and complex needs. Working in collaboration with primary care physicians, community health professionals, and others RGP aims to meet the needs of seniors.


Provides adults 50 and older with information and instruction about computer technologies. See the Enrichment Centers for information on health, crafts, computers, and history. Check the SeniorNet Discussion area for roundtable discussions on hundreds of topics (you can join in) from the 23 topics in the World War II Memories folder to Searching the Internet (in the Computer Lessons and Projects folder). There's a directory of all the SeniorNet Learning Centers around the United States (currently more than 200).

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