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MROO has Partnered with Merit Travel

Over the years, MROO has surveyed its members about potential new services they would like MROO to investigate. Consistently, you have put services related to travel near the top of the list.

So, following a call for proposals from a number of firms offering tours and travel agency services, Merit Travel - a family-operated company based in Ontario - was chosen to work with us to offer unique travel-related benefits to MROO members. Here's why we chose Merit Travel to work for you:

  • Merit Travel's many years' experience working with retirees, including the Retired Teachers of Ontario
  • A network of 10 offices across Ontario, with a designated agent in each to serve MROO members
  • Dedicated and professional services for you, as well as family and companions travelling with you
  • Discounts and preferred access to tours and cruises available in Canada and worldwide
  • Well-priced and well-organized tours and travel experiences that Merit itself has developed
  • Tours, trips and outings arranged specifically for, and working with, MROO members

Click Here for more information about Merit Travel and our partnership which allows us to offer an extraordinary and fully comprehensive travel program to our members.

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To speak with a MROO Travel Specialist, please call 1-844-222-3022.

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