10 Reasons to Join

1.   We speak up for retirees

The average 65-year-old pensioner in Ontario will live to be 83 (males), 86 (females). That’s a long life in turbulent times. You need a voice!

2.   MROO represents all OMERS retirees

Union, non-union, NRA 60, NRA 65 — every member makes the retiree voice stronger.

3.   We have provided the retiree reps on OMERS boards

Since 1992, we nominated the retiree reps — a retired police officer, school board treasurer, municipal budgets chief, and hydro comptroller.

4.   We are OMERS pensioners

MROO is a non-profit membership corporation; our board is elected at nine open membership meetings across Ontario.

5.   MROO has been at it since 1977

From small beginnings in London to over 21,000 members all across Ontario.

6.   We monitor what governments do that affects pensioners

We have the capacity to lobby OMERS, the Feds or the Province on behalf of OMERS pensioners.

7.   We offer a unique retiree health insurance plan

Since 1984, our health plan has been designed by retirees, for retirees. Automatic acceptance within 90 days of leaving the municipal plan, level premiums regardless of age or health, MROO
control over plan benefits, competitive rates.

8.   We offer retiree home and auto insurance

Competitive rates and our own independent insurance advisor.

9.   The MROO scholarship program

Open to university and college students related to MROO members.

10. All you need to know for a lifetime of retirement

Through newsletters, annual zone meetings, website and emails, for a lifetime membership fee of $25, we keep you informed for a lifetime.

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