Due to the retirement of the incumbent, MROO is seeking a new part-time executive director.

MROO is a not-for-profit corporation founded in 1977, dedicated to protecting the pensions and enhancing the quality of life for all OMERS retirees.  MROO has a large (22,000) and growing membership, an expanding range of services to members, a significant budget, an active Province-wide Board, and a successful history of advocacy.  Please see

We are seeking applications to provide this service on a contractor/consultant basis, from individuals, firms or other non-profit organizations.


Board and Organizational Support

  • Preparing agendas and reports to quarterly meetings of the Board and occasional meetings of the Executive Committee
  • Updating, implementing and interpreting the Constitution, bylaw, and policies
  • Preparing terms of reference for, and maintaining liaison with, committees of the Board
  • Ongoing and as-required orientation/liaison/problem solving/support for directors and alternate directors
  • Advising and assisting the President in the conduct of his responsibilities to oversee the affairs of the corporation and ensure the effective functioning of the Board
  • Acting as the primary advisor to the Board; ensuring the production of strategic plans and annual work plans; assisting the Treasurer to prepare the annual budget; reporting on workplan progress
  • Contributing to the vision for the organization
  • Communicating with and coordinating the activities of other contracted MROO service providers
  • Preparing terms of reference and assisting in the engagement and review of other contracted service providers
  • Identifying the need for and obtaining such expertise, including legal, as may be necessary from time to time in order to pursue the objectives and manage the affairs of the corporation
  • In conjunction with the President, acting as the spokesperson for the organization, including the preparation of the Annual Report of the Board

Membership Expansion and Marketing

  • Developing and enhancing relationships with supportive organizations with which MROO is affiliated, for the purposes of building awareness of MROO. This includes OMERS, associations of local government managers, unions and employee associations in the OMERS Plan, and large employers in the OMERS Plan
  • Initiating and maintaining contact with other organizations that can be instrumental in building awareness of MROO among OMERS Plan members
  • Regular liaison with the relevant officers of affiliated organizations
  • Attendance at their conferences and meetings, making presentations, contributing to newsletters, etc.
  • Providing advice during the preparation of MROO membership marketing materials
  • Providing advice on the content of social media and advertising output for the purposes of building awareness of MROO
  • Promoting and maintaining the clarity of MROO’s “brand”, mission, and image

Program Development and Support

  • Receiving and processing proposals from commercial service-providers to offer services to MROO members; assist in developing policy and priorities for MROO-sponsored services; receive and clarify requests and report to Board; assist in defining mutual responsibilities with firms with which the Board has decided to enter into a relationship for the benefit of MROO members 
  • Ensuring the triennial conduct of member surveys to determine member preferences for new program initiatives and satisfaction with existing programs
  • Supporting the MROO Scholarship program, generally by advising the Board on program terms of reference, and annually by assisting the selection committee and helping to broadcast scholarship program results
  • Assisting and providing advice to other service providers with respect to MROO’s Retirement Planning seminar program 
  • Assisting the President and the Board to maintain liaison with the ENCON Group and the MitchellAbbott Group with respect to MROO-sponsored insurance programs
  • Maintaining liaison with those commercial service providers with which MROO has an existing relationship, for the purposes of problem-solving, monitoring program success, assisting them to develop marketing initiatives, and reporting to the Board

MROO Advocacy

  • Assisting the Board to establish advocacy priorities and to become better informed with respect to trends and issues pertaining to OMERS, to retirement income, and to retirement
  • Conducting, or assisting other service providers to conduct, surveys of members on matters related to MROO advocacy, 
  • Conducting, or assisting other service providers to conduct, other research and government relations on matters related to MROO advocacy
  • Maintaining contact with OMERS staff and Boards with respect to issues facing the OMERS Plan and opportunities for MROO to assist OMERS
  • Maintaining the relationship with the Canadian Federation of Pensioners and other organizations with which MROO has common cause for advocacy purposes
  • Staying up to date about government proposals and consultations on matters related to MROO advocacy priorities;  preparing or assisting others to draft responses on behalf of MROO

Member Contact and Communications

  • Assisting zone directors as necessary to organize annual zone meetings and other meetings and local services for members
  • Assisting other service providers to prepare and publish the MROO newsletters
  • Assisting other service providers to maintain the currency and content of the websiteAssisting other service providers to provide information and value to members via broadcast e-mails and social media



  1. Board Support and Advice

Applicants must have substantial experience supporting and interacting with Councils and/or committees and/or boards, including

  • Developing meeting agendas
  • Writing reports on matters appearing on agendas
  • Drafting motions/resolutions
  • Assisting the chair to facilitate the orderly and timely conduct of business and participation of members
  • Drafting and interpreting bylaws and policies
  • Developing terms of reference for sub-committees, task forces, projects, etc.
  • Providing timely, informative and considered advice
  • Maintaining clear records of decisions made and communicating decisions clearly and promptly to all relevant parties
  • Assisting the Treasurer to develop budgets which implement programs and priorities 
  • Responding in timely fashion to varied questions and requests from members


  1. Strategic Planning

Applicants should have experience with strategic planning, including:

  • Obtaining and reporting on relevant research and projections on matters that may now and in the future affect the organization and its mission
  • Assisting meeting facilitators to obtain input from relevant parties, participation of Board members, and clear direction from the Board
  • Summarizing and promoting the strategic priorities and directions of the Board
  • Contributing to the vision of the organization
  • Helping to enunciate the threats and opportunities facing the organization
  • Reporting regularly in an organized way on the progress made towards the implementation of the strategic priorities and directions


  1. Marketing and Promotion

Applicants must have substantial experience and demonstrated talent for promoting an organization, its mission, and its programs, including:

  • Relationships with affiliated or supportive organizations, and with other organizations whose support or influence would be valuable
  • Identifying and disseminating the organization’s progress and successes
  • Growing the organization’s membership and/or participation in its programs
  1. Communication

Applicants must clearly demonstrate:

  • Experience with speaking effectively in English to small groups and larger audiences
  • Excellent writing English skills, including both clear explanations of somewhat complex matters and motivational messages
  • Tact
  • Extensive experience with basic Microsoft programs (including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and with website searches
  • An appreciation for diverse backgrounds in terms of occupation, language, ethnicity, etc.
  1. Advocacy

Applicants should have experience influencing decision-makers to effect improvement in existing programs or policies, to bring about new programs or policies, or to improve policy or program proposals, including:

  • Cogently and credibly expressing the organization’s policy or program objectives to others
  • Researching pertinent facts and perspectives
  • Identifying and building awareness among those who can influence or make relevant policy or program decisions
  • Collaborating with and building support among other organizations with similar objectives
  1. Other requirements

Applicants must:

  • have a good working knowledge of the geography of Ontario
  • live within the Greater Toronto/Hamilton area, so that distance from the office in Mississauga is not an impediment to regular attendance
  • present a professional and credible image of the organization
  • Travel within Ontario will not be frequent but it will be required.  Ability to travel by plane and automobile is expected.
  • attend all quarterly Board meetings (three of which in the Toronto airport vicinity and one typically elsewhere in Ontario) and occasional meetings of the Executive Committee
  • have a consistent reputation for collegial working relationships with others

7.  Definite assets would include:

  • The ability to speak and write proficiently in French
  • Experience with or active participation in another retiree or seniors organization
  • Membership in, or significant knowledge of, a defined-benefit pension plan, particularly OMERS



  1. MROO will budget for the Executive Director to work an average of three days per week, although variation from week to week is to be expected.
  2. MROO intends to engage a contractor/consultant to provide executive director services, meeting CRA criteria for contractor status
  3. MROO will pay a fee for service which is competitive in the association executive field, currently $420 per day
  4. MROO will reimburse travel expenses and out of town accommodation expenses in accordance with existing policies, with the exception of travel to and from the MROO office and of travel less than 10 kms each way
  5. The contractor will commit not to undertake other assignments which could place him/her in a real or apparent conflict with the best interests of MROO
  6. The contractor will be required to acknowledge that all intellectual property obtained or created in the service of MROO is the property of MROO, will be held in confidence when appropriate, and will be returned to MROO when the contract expires
  7. The contractor must be prepared to spend one day per week at the MROO office in Mississauga, and to attend meetings at other times as appropriate, whether in the office or elsewhere.  Otherwise, the contractor will be expected to conduct a significant portion of MROO business from her/his (home) office
  8. MROO invites applications from individual contractors, firms, or other associations.

Please submit an application by e-mail to no later than May 1, 2018.   In addition to the resume of the proposed contractor, applications should clearly address the qualifications and the terms of engagement set out above.

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